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To enable end-to-end processes for car dealerships, we offer the option of integrating additional solutions beyond our usual CRM solutions. With our extensions and interfaces to third-party applications, we can also easily connect your system to our CRM software via REST, SOAP or SQL. If necessary, we can develop new interfaces to connect your software. Based on our flexible synchronization framework "OpenSync" this is possible with little development effort and low costs.

As a partner, you can bring in your valuable enhancements. With our connections, we ensure fully integrated business processes and efficient collaboration in the dealership.

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Alpha Online

Hamburg-based Alpha Online is the leading provider of efficient, digital used car management systems and the largest German provider of online auction platforms.

The entire process from vehicle collection to online auction is covered by digital tools. In the process, the AlphaController software system manages and optimizes all stages of value creation in the used car trade: from vehicle intake to costing, quotation, valuation and sales. The AlphaController has an integrated B2B marketing solution with the AlphaSales system. The combination of the two tools avoids multiple entries and makes reseller business possible in its own right. Efficient process management leads to transparent, structured processes and short downtimes.

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The employees of CAS Partner emkada from Karlsruhe have helped shape the development of CAS genesisWorld from the very beginning and have been part of the CAS Software ecosystem ever since. Since 2010, the emkada team has also been active in the automotive sector and with the CustomerOne solution acting as consultants,, product managers and developers.

The emkada interface software emi sync is the basis for the highly flexible connection of dealer management systems to CustomerOne and creates real added value for users and thus also for customers thanks to its strong integration.

emkada is an active development partner of CAS and implements customer requirements beyond customizing in a consulting capacity - in CustomerOne Desktop, CustomerOne Web and App or in SmartWe for car dealerships.

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The Würth Auto Profiler program supports car dealerships in systematic market development in the business customer segment and is a CAS Drive partner in the area of potential analysis and our SmartWe solution for car dealerships.

The fact is that, today, customers are willing to change brands, are well informed, and are much less loyal to brands and cars than in the past. This presents a challenge, especially in the segment of business and commercial customers. In view of the market changes, car dealerships therefore need increasingly detailed knowledge about their target groups in order to develop the right solutions.

This is where Würth's experts come in. With three building blocks, the Würth Auto Profiler concept enables car dealerships to sustainably cultivate the corporate customer business segment and establish it as a stable earnings pillar in the long term. With its extensive industry experience, Würth offers itself as a partner to relieve the pressure on resources in dealerships and to optimize processes systematically.

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Do you have an idea how you can contribute to our CRM software for car dealerships? What are useful extensions that make working in the dealership consistent and the handling of customer data and sales processes easier and more efficient? Feel free to contact us, we look forward to welcoming you as a partner soon.

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