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With our CRM/XRM solutions, you lay the foundation for inspiring customer relationships. Take advantage of this flexibility and make your processes consistently customer-centric.

Customer Centricity

Unforgettable buying experiences - that is what your customer wants and what will make them a fan of your dealership in the long term. If you align your business processes with the expectations of your customers, you will inspire them sustainably and secure competitive advantages in the long term. Customer Centricity, i.e. the consistent orientation of the corporate strategy to the customer, is therefore a decisive success factor. CRM helps you optimize your processes, process leads and sales opportunities efficiently, and develop your potential. You make the right decisions and work the market sustainably and effectively.


Our solutions can be perfectly combined with other systems. The integration of other solutions consistently improves all processes and helps to fulfill individual customer requirements even better. The basis for this is the central database in your CRM, which contains all the information about your customers and provides exactly the right information at all times.


Awarded the German Design Award, the integrated SmartDesign® technology impresses with a modern user interface and uniform look and feel. This allows you to work with the same interface on all relevant operating systems across all devices. The result is a consistent experience that is scalable to all user interfaces, from desktops to smartphones.

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How business managers effortlessly manage their sales team


Manager dashboard

With the management dashboard, your management team is informed about all relevant processes in the dealership. You maintain control of all figures at all times and effortlessly manage your sales team. Overdue processes are evaluated on a daily basis and clearly summarized in the dashboard. All risks are quickly identified so that countermeasures can be taken at an early stage. Your managers can concentrate on other things - nothing falls behind anymore.

Sales team management

To ensure that no lead is lost, a salesperson from your team can be assigned to each prospect during the initial contact. If a potential customer calls you, for example, they will reach the right contact person directly. You can specify in advance who is responsible for which customer: distribution is possible by brand, division or even territory. Your new customer relationship will start with a first-class service that will delight your customers from the very beginning.

How salespeople maintain good and appreciative relationships

Seller dashboard

Your sales team is well informed with the sales dashboard and initiates the right actions at any time. The dashboard supports the development of your leads, informs you about upcoming follow-up actions and keeps you up to date. You can also conveniently keep an eye on the care of your A-grade customers. Critical inquiries, such as complaints, are displayed immediately so that you can react without delay. Maintaining your good customer relationships is therefore always your top priority.

Lead process

Right at the start of lead development, your salespeople have a reliable system at their side that moves leads step-by-step toward the sales opportunity: as soon as a prospect is recorded as a contact, a lead is generated that is automatically qualified by follow-up actions. A typical follow-up activity might be a test drive, for example. The fleet calendar is used to check which vehicles are available. After the test drive, the prospect receives an offer that is generated with just a few clicks. With the intelligent lead process, no more sales opportunities are lost.

The smile of your receptionists is heard by your customer on the phone

Customer dossier

With the dossier, your receptionists have the most important information about the customer at a glance: Appointments, correspondence, sales opportunities, complaints or orders - the customer dossier provides a 360 degree all-round view with all relevant details. Every employee in the dealership benefits from this, because they can appear competent and confident and also bring customer data directly up to date. Your reception team will find it easy to provide information competently and quickly and to systematically forward inquiries to the right contact person. The calendar can be used to check in advance whether the contact is present or, alternatively, to create an appointment. In any case, your customer will be delighted with the excellent service at your dealership.

How your business development center communicates accurately


Selecting the right addresses is crucial for the success of your marketing campaigns. With convenient filter functions, you can select the right customers for the promotion and carry out multi-stage campaigns in a targeted manner via various communication channels. Campaigns such as winter tire change, spring check, main or exhaust gas inspection can be personalized thanks to the EU-GDPR-compliant form letter function, and also the data protection declaration as confirmation of receipt. Your customers will be delighted with the personalized approach and information that is specifically relevant to them.

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In any case a good solution

The four core functions

Systematic market cultivation

Optimal support for customers and interested parties

Mapping of the entire customer journey

All touch points with customers are customizable

Central information pool through interfaces

Smooth interaction with your system landscape

Customer files with 360° all-round view

Identify and meet individual customer needs

Integrate your existing system landscape

No more isolated applications and media discontinuities: Integrating your existing systems with our CRM software is easy and guarantees end-to-end processes.

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